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Care Instructions

Care instructions are small solutions to big problems. Care labels provide guidelines to consumers about apparel care, and the best cleaning procedures to be used for a particular combination of fabric, thread decoration and construction techniques. Following the instructions on the care labels is an assurance that the appearance and fit of the garment will be maintained after repeated cleaning treatments.

The Below points should be used as guidelines for all garments:

Before washing, close all zips, undo buttons, check pockets for loose or sharp objects, flatten out collars and cuffs.
Always refer to the Label before washing.

Use a good quality detergent and ensure that the right amount of detergent is used.

Due to techniques used for printing on garments, we strongly recommend that you do not wash over 40 degrees as this could lead to the print cracking & loosing colour. We advice not to tumble dry any products as this can cause logos to crack & garments to shrink.

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