Personalised Sportswear

Design your own personalised sportswear and team kit for your club. Add your logo or names in printing and embroidery! Perfect for customised football kits and rugby kits!

Personalised Sportswear – Printing & Embroidery

Whatever your sport, whatever your style – choose your custom personalised sportswear at Wipeout Creations. The extensive range we carry means you can create your own personalised sportswear for just about any activity. From fitted T-shirts to baselayers – however you like to play, we’ve got the apparel.
When you’re in the middle of an important team game, preparing for a big event / tour or warming up for a race, you need to know you can rely on your clothes. That’s why with the design-your-own sportswear from Wipeout Creations, you know you’ll be receiving top-quality garments with your own extra touch of style.