UK Workwear

UK Workwear

Are you looking to have your company’s logo or design added to a range of apparel? We can help!

We are specialists in providing high quality sustainable embroidered and printed workwear. From one-man-bands up to large corporations, we have the facilities to fulfil any order size. This makes it easy for our customers to receive the same high-quality personalised products whether they are ordering 5 or 15,000 items!

From custom embroidered face masks and t-shirts, polo shirts to complicated designs printed on jackets or gilets, we have a huge range of products and colours to choose from to match your brand.


When it comes to embroidery, we take your logo and, with our trusted ZSK machines, sew it onto any item of clothing or merchandise you need.

You can choose garments from our trusted suppliers and, if for some reason you can’t find what you want - we are happy to help source the right garment for you.

Send over an email if you want us to recommend any brands to you.


If an embroidered version of your logo isn’t quite what you’re after and print is what you are looking for, we can help you with that too.

Choose between the traditional heat transfer vinyl or full colour transfer - a whole new way of printing that not only allows for high-resolution, full colour images but also creates a strong bond between the garment fibres and the pigmented inks, ensuring a long lasting finish on your design.

Print Or Embroidery? What is best for each garment type?

T-shirts: The most popular choice for T-shirts is printing. It is possible to embroider onto T-shirts provided the material being used is thick enough. We can help guide you on this

Polo Shirts: The most professional looking finish on a polo shirt is definitely embroidery

Hoodies:  Hoodies can be printed or embroidered but if you are looking to have a larger design on the back we would usually suggest opting for print but depending on the complexity of your logo embroidery is also great with some logos.

Sweatshirts: Sweatshirts again can be printed or embroidered but if you are looking for that slightly more professional finish we would recommend embroidery.

Jackets: Suitable for both Print & Embroidery but we personally prefer print on jackets and softshells. Also, it’s worth baring in mind that some waterproof jackets are only suitable for print as the stitching can comprise the waterproof material.

Shirts: A shirt would suggest a more professional look so an embroidered logo/design will always work best on a shirt.

We will always advise you of the best personalisation based on your artwork and garments. We would never just allow you to go ahead with a design or garment which wasn't suitable or wouldn't look visually appealing. 

Get in touch with our friendly team today for any questions or enquiries! or call us on 07854731660.

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