10 Ways To Promote Your Business In 2022 - Part 1

10 Ways To Promote Your Business In 2022 - Part 1

These are uncertain times for many business owners, especially those who rely on the internet to market their goods and services locally. 

There are certain strategies that have stood the test of time and ones that you should be looking to adopt in your business, so we've outlined our top ten (in a two part series) that you can use today with confidence.

1. Create video for your business.

Every year video content gets bigger and bigger, and with advancement in technology, easier and easier with smartphones now capable of producing 4K video as standard on most phones. Decide what topics will help your customers and start recording how to videos, behind the scenes and customer reviews - these are the most widely viewed content types.

2. Be active on social media and share into local groups

It's not easy to stay active on social media, but the businesses that do ensure they stay visible to their target customers. By sharing your posts into local community and business groups more people will see and recommend your business above your competition.

3. Invest in branded clothing and signage for your vehicle

Use the opportunity to get free awareness and visibility by branding your workwear. When you and your teams are out and about your brand will be visible to everyone, and when you add together with other local marketing it all increases your local brand awareness. Also, don't miss the opportunity to brand company cars and vans too with your logo - these will be seen thousands of times a day!

4. Use free tools like Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) gives you a range of tools to promote your business locally. Businesses that use it frequently and optimise their listing will have a greater chance in appearing in the map pack area (the map with the red pins) of Google's home page. Plus when you add functionality like 'get a quote' or 'message us' you can really increase your inbound leads.

5. Get listed locally!

List your business in lots of local directories. Links in local directories as well as niche trade directories will send positive signals to Google about your website. These positive signals translate into better rankings for your website versus your local competition.

So what's your game plan?

It’s time to get started! You know that you need a video for your business, so why not take five minutes and record it now.

Get active on social media and share into local groups with hashtags like #localbusiness or #shoplocally.

Invest in branded clothing and signage for your vehicle to give people the opportunity to remember where they found you when they are out shopping around town.

Use free tools like Google Business Profile (Google My Business) which will help customers find you more easily by listing all of the information about your company including hours of operation, address, phone number, website URL etc., right at their fingertips.

Join us next week when we reveal our next five strategies to promote your business in 2022.


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